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September 2018

Shiocton Flyers Club General Membership Meeting, August 15, 2018.

Members Present: Bill Kortens, Derek Schulz, Tracy Hooyman, Steve Knorr, Greg Volkman, Frank Sausen, Carl Eichenauer, Al Van Straten, John Wenning, Pat Van Straten, Dave McNichols, Gerald Schulz, Brian Laedtke & guest Dennis Carew.

The meeting was called to order by President Kortens at 1905 (7:05pm).

The minutes from the last meeting were approved as read.

Dave is still waiting on some major bills to come in for the Fly-in plus there are some extras of various items that we can return, therefore no Fly-in financials yet. Dave also questioned why we were billed for diesel fuel the Sunday morning of the Fly-in when all we received off the truck was airplane gas.

We received a pair of $250 gift cards from Thrivent and Dave was going to use one for the Buyer’s Guide advertising and the second at Romy’s for the Fly-in banquet. After a bit of discussion, the next $3k CD that renews will be bumped up to $5k.

Dave also reported that we had enough cash on hand during the Fly-in that the 3 bands plus all cash raffle prizes except the $5000 prize were paid in cash. Due to IRS reporting, the grand prize cash is paid with a check and Uncle Sam gets a notice of whom the lucky winner is.

Aaaaaand then, the Treasurer’s report was approved as read.

Fly-in Business: PA system. We are having problems with the wireless microphones on our 2 PA systems cutting out or not transmitting. It seems to be when the bands have their systems turned on so we are thinking that we have an interference problem. Greg Volkman will check with his brother-in law about this. There was also some conversation about having some sort of marquee that we could use for plane rides. The trouble with these are that you need to be connected to either a computer or a phone to change numbers or the display. Bill Kortens to look into this.

Al & Pat sold their hangar to Dennis Carew and Dennis will become a member and move a couple of his planes here. In the mean-time, Carl Eichenauer and John Wenning who were both leasing space in the Van Straten hangar are now without a home. John will be moving to Brennand’s in Neenah and with some moving around of planes, Carl will now keep his plane in the west end of the club hangar. Schulz’s will also be out of a hangar come springtime.

After a somewhat very contentious discussion regarding lack of hangar space and our inability to attract new membership, Carl suggested we need to form a committee to see what we can do to get more members on board. Dave then mentioned that he spent a considerable amount of time at the EAA Convention talking to folks about this. Dave suggested we should look at the possibility of forming an EAA Chapter which could bring in new membership plus there are many in the EAA sponsorship end of things with deep pockets that could possibly help with hangar funds. But we would need to go down the non-profit road first and set up a Non-Profit Organization before we can do anything with this.

In the mean-time, a call went out for more bodies for a Hangar Committee. John Wenning and Steve Knorr said they’d be interested so now the Hangar Committee would consist of: Al Van Straten, Brian Laedtke, Gerald & Derek Schulz, John Wenning and Steve Knorr.

A motion was made & seconded and the meeting was adjourned at 2035 (8:35pm).

Steve Knorr won the pot with his pick of the Red Joker.

The September meeting will be held on Wednesday the 19th at 1900 (7pm) in the hangar.