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August 2019

Shiocton Flyers Club General Membership Meeting, July 10, 2019.

Members Present: John & Joyce Baggot, Al Van Straten, Frank Sausen, Pat Van Straten, Randy Conradt, Tracy Hooyman, Dave McNichols, Steve Knorr, Bill & Kim Kortens, Derek Schulz, Galen Timblin, Rick Drath, Greg Volkman, Dennis Carew, Eric Moericke & son, Brian Laedtke.

President Kortens called the meeting to order at 1657 (6:57pm).

The minutes from the last meeting were approved as read.
The Treasurer’s report was approved as read. Dave also reported that all bills were paid, the gas tank was filled to the tune of $2.62/gallon, and that we had a couple of parcels of land that saw the tax assessment decrease by $100.

Runways are (at the time of this meeting) soft and ditches are generally still full of water. So - nothing has changed since March.

Old Business: Reminder that the Ruff Fish set-up on Thursday night (the 11th) at 1800 (6pm).

The Hamburger Social is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, July 16th at 1700 (5pm). If the weather holds we’ll need to be flipping burgers by 4.

Fly-in Business: The Plane & Hangar Wash is on Saturday the 13th starting at 0800 (8am).

Tracy still has some openings on the work schedule. We need cooks, servers, cashiers and a bartender or two. Contact Tracy at 920-984-3903 if you have someone to toss onto the schedule.

The food and beverages have been ordered.

Chief Pilot. We tried to talk Frank back into the job but he wasn’t falling for it so; Dennis Carew got the job for Saturday. Dennis can’t be here on Sunday, so Derek is in charge on Sunday. Also, we may have some ‘loaner’ planes & pilots for the weekend, so the 0800 (8am) Saturday Pilot’s meeting is even more important.

Our bank wants to do a video advertisement for their website. And… this affects us because they want to do this with club members. Probably some good exposure for the club with this. Also, the bank gals are planning on handling the money for the plane rides once again. Mutual benefits for all!

Runway damage. The east half (taxiway area) of the N/S runway was, due to the wet weather, not mowed. It has now been extensively damaged when the grass was cut & baled. As of now, it appears the only way to fix this is to wait for it to dry up, work up the runway, re-seed and start over.

PA system. Someone should be out to look at our systems. It was thought the frequency could be changed to eliminate our transmitting/receiving issues but it is thought that our old Radio Shack systems have a fixed frequency.

Donations/raffle prizes. Its time to get this all turned in!!!

A motion was made and seconded and the meeting was adjourned at 1940 (7:40pm)

Steve Knorr’s 9 of Hearts won the pot-o-cash.

Due to the Appreciation Banquet being a week earlier than normal, we need to move the August meeting ahead a week in order to have that held before the banquet. So, the August meeting has been moved to the 14th. Same place & time.