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March 2019

Shiocton Flyers Club General Membership Meeting, February 20, 2019. 

Members Present: Al Van Straten, Derek Schulz, Pat Van Straten, Greg Volkman, Rick Drath, Bill Kortens, Tracy Hooyman, Brian Laedtke.

President Kortens called the meeting to order at 1905 (7:05pm).

After a quick review of the last minutes of 2018, they were approved as read.

Treasurer’s report: Dave couldn’t make the meeting but as we had his numbers, the Treasurer’s report was approved as given. The last of the CD’s from the old bank had come due and that was going to be rolled into the new bank along with some $$from the checkbook to make it our third $5000 CD. The CD will be put in for 15 months as the interest paid is way so much better at a whopping 2.39% than a 12 month CD. Dave also reported that all bills were paid except for the light bill and that we still had a couple of 2019 dues yet to be paid.

*The 2019 reminder on finances - You need to be at a meeting to know what’s in the Treasury as the financials as read aren’t posted in the newsletter.*

As we start the new year, all business is ‘New Business.’

As of this meeting, the runways had seen the snow blower twice and they are in generally good winter condition. And a reminder that with springtime coming, those conditions will change rapidly.

Mowers. The 2 small mowers had their oil changed on a freakishly warm Saturday in early January. The Phoenix mower also had new gauge wheels installed on the deck due to a couple of the old wheels having problems with air pressure (continued lack of) and a third wheel had one of the bearings break and all the balls were rolling around inside the wheel. In the mean-time, the club bought a propane heater for the shop so that there’s at least a bit of heat when working on the mowers on cold & damp spring days.

A couple of years ago Bill Kortens acquired a pair of Shoreland/etc. building permits for at least 2 new hangars. By the time Bill got the paperwork he had $2300 of his $$invested. Derek Schulz plans on putting up a hangar in 2019 and so will be purchasing one of these from Bill. A motion was made & seconded that the Club purchase and reimburse Bill for the second available permit.

On a related note, there will be a Hangar Committee meeting on Wednesday, March 13 at 5pm (updated time) in the Kortens/Knorr hangar. The Hangar Committee members on file consist of: Gerald & Derek Schulz, Al Van Straten, Phil Christenson & Brian Laedtke. Phil is no longer a club member so if interested in this, let us know.

We also discussed the very urgent need to form an Airport Planning Committee / Steering Committee to guide us in what the airport needs to be looking like in the years to come, plus looking at options of what the club needs to do or become for tax exempt purposes. 

Much like being nominated for a Board position, if you weren’t here to decline your Committee nomination, you’re on the Committee. The Planning Committee members are: Al Van Straten, Bill Kortens, Dave McNichols, Rick Drath, John Baggot, Randy Conradt, Gerald & Derek Schulz & Brian Laedtke. 
We are looking at our first meeting in early April, date to be set at the March 20th Annual Meeting.

Bill reported that as of the meeting, he had no nibbles on the airport scholarship. (Info about this has since been posted on the airport Facebook page).

Fly-in. Tracy reported that Steve has been in contact with the 3 bands that performed last year and that all were tentatively booked. Tracy had been in contact with the RiverHouse Band folks that performed Sunday morning several years ago about performing again but they have yet to get back to her.

And now to the main event, nominations for the expiring Board positions of Al Van Straten, Bill Kortens and Brian Laedtke. Bill Kortens opened nominations and Al, Bill and Brian were nominated. After a few calls for more names, a motion was made and seconded that nominations be closed. 
And so it is for another year.
The names of Al Van Straten, Bill Kortens and Brian Laedtke will be placed upon the 2019 Flyers Club ballot.

The Legal stuff: As so noted in Article III Section 6 of the By-Laws, you must have been a member for one (1) year and your dues must be paid and current to be eligible to vote. If you need a copy of the By-Laws, let me know and I’ll get a copy out to you.

For those receiving their newsletter by mail, a ballot and return envelope will be included with this newsletter. You will receive as many ballots as are names on your mailing label. Please sign the back of the return envelope and mail your ballot(s) so that its received by Tuesday, March 19th. Your envelope and ballot will be separated before counting to preserve your privacy. If you have not been a member for at least one full year, you will not receive a ballot.

For those that receive email notices of the newsletter, your ballot will be sent to you under a separate email. Please return your electronic vote by noon on Wednesday, March 20th. And once again, your name will be deleted from the email header to preserve your privacy. If you get a funny feeling in your tummy about emailing me your ballot while my name is also on the ballot, you can mail your selections to Dave McNichols at:

The 2019 Annual Meeting of the Shiocton Flyers Club will be held on Wednesday, March 20th at 19:00 (7pm) at the River Rail Bar, N5547 State Road 76, Shiocton.