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August 2017

Shiocton Flyers Club General Membership Meeting, July 12, 2017.

Members Present: Steve Knorr, Tracy Hooyman, Pat Van Straten, Al Van Straten, Dave McNichols, John Baggot, Rick Drath, Greg Volkman, Bill & Kim Kortens, Derek Schulz, Brian Laedtke.

President Kortens called the meeting to order at 1910 (7:10pm).

The minutes from the last meeting were approved as read.
The Treasurer’s report was approved as read. Dave also reported that he just paid for a tank of gas, the onion rings and French fries were bought and in the freezers, that insurance with Ellington Mutual had been paid and that raffle money was coming in.

Fly-in Business: Road grading. The road was stripped of it’s top layer of gravel and the dirt that had overgrown alongside the edges of the road was also stripped off and all of that dirt & gravel was dumped into the Portlite hole. Several loads of recycled blacktop have been spread on the road and still need a final grading to smoothen out the dips & bumps.

With the swampy conditions around the airport property due to incessant rainfall, we’ll have to have some heavy-duty mosquito spraying done of the grass & ditches.

Food/Beverage. The Budweiser reefer should arrive the Tuesday of the Fly-in. 40 pounds of the new reformulated potato pancake mix have been ordered along with 90 dozen eggs.

Coffee. We will need/use approx. ¾ bag of decaf and 1½ bag of regular and once again donated by Studio 54.

Fly-in pilot meeting. As we’re scheduled to start rides by 9am on Saturday, the pilot meeting will be starting at 8am in the area of the office. Also, after some deliberation and because Derek just obtained his commercial rating, he was appointed Chief Pilot.

Many of the raffle prizes still need to be picked up including kid’s prizes.

Hangar & Plane wash scheduled for Saturday morning the 15th at 8am sharp! Everything that used to live in the Portlite now lives in the hangar and there’s a lot of stuff to move!

The 2nd Hamburger Fly-in that was scheduled has been canceled until further notice.

A motion was made and seconded and the meeting was adjourned at 2005 (8:05pm)

The drawing was held and the 10 of Hearts was the pick of the deck which was held by the club.

There will be a regular monthly meeting held this Wednesday, August 16th at 1900 (7pm) in the hangar to pretty much wrap-up the Fly-in. Bring along your thoughts both good & bad.

The Fly-in Appreciation Banquet will be held on Sunday, August 27th. Free plane rides available from 2-4pm. The meeting will be held at 4 with the food as usual arriving around 5. The food will be courtesy of Romy’s this year. Anyone that you know that was here working or donated, please remind them that their presence is encouraged and appreciated.