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June 2020

Shiocton Flyers Club General Membership Meeting, May 20, 2020.

Members Present: Steve Knorr, Al Van Straten, Dave McNichols, John & Joyce Baggot, Rick Drath, Greg Volkman, Randy Conradt, Tracy Hooyman, Pat Van Straten, Derek Schulz, Bill Kortens, Brian Laedtke.

(First of all, this was to originally just have been another teleconference Board Meeting, but from between the time the last newsletter went into the mail to the time of the actual meeting, the State Supremes said life could return to something more normal. As we had made enough progress on our 501(C)(3) adventure to be able to call a quorum of the membership to vote on this, that is what was literally done at the last moment, calling bodies to come to the meeting.)

President Kortens called the meeting to order at 1905 (7:05pm).

The minutes from the last meeting were approved as read but with the amending of the "No Meeting” notice to read instead that there will be a meeting on May 20th.

Dave gave the Treasurer’s report and there was some discussion on the 6 CD’s we have in the bank plus our $$on hand and how well we think we can weather the storm.

Grounds/runways: At this time things are drying nicely. Runways are open.

Al Van Straten was able to get our culvert permit extended to October. If we change out both of the culverts in front of where the Portlite was, we can get a 10% off deal on the price of the culverts which would bring down the price to $2640 each. Plus removal / installation would be a bit cheaper. These would be 24” x 35” x 50’ oval culverts. Bill Kortens to talk to Bill Conradt about this as this would on condition price-wise of Bill replacing his culvert also.

Road gravel/grading. Earl Conradt’s wife just passed away so we’ll just wait until Earl can get back around to doing this for us.

501(C)(3): Our application was sent in to the State and was promptly rejected because we (Lawyer) hadn’t updated our Corporate purpose or added a Dissolution clause. That will be taken care of and the paperwork will be sent back in. At the time our application is approved with the State, the IRS will then conduct an investigation of the club and then will follow up a couple of years.

We needed to have a quorum of 10 members to go forward with this 501 resolution and with all 13 members present plus 2 proxy votes of ‘yes,’ we’re solidly on our way with this.

Scholarship: We had 1 application from Hortonville HS. The applicant has a pretty impressive resume’ and it was unanimous that we grant the scholarship.

Fly-in/Raffle: The Fly-in has, to probably no one’s surprise, been cancelled. Trying to have anything with crowds will be a losing proposition for at least this year.

As for the raffle, we’re looking at a pared-down $10 ticket. With roughly half the donated prizes, we’re cutting the 2 largest plus the 2 attendance drawing cash prizes and looking for early-mid October for the drawing. If interested in donating towards this give Steve a call. Final decision on this at the June meeting.
A motion was made and seconded and the meeting was adjourned at 1955 (7:55pm).

Pat won and gave back the $11 pot-o-cash won with the 9 of Diamonds.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 17 at 1900 (7pm) in the airport shop. 
The shop refrigerator has mostly recovered from the last meeting.