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November 2018

Shiocton Flyers Club Board Meeting, October 17, 2018.

Members Present: Al Van Straten, Dave McNichols, Derek Schulz, Pat Van Straten, Brian Laedtke.

We had 3 items of discussion on the agenda. The Toro mower that Derek wanted us to consider for purchase, forming an EAA chapter and the selling of the donated pick-up.

The first item of discussion was what to do with the pick-up. The only time the truck is used is around the Fly-in for moving runway markers and for hauling Fly-in supplies back & forth from shop to hangar & back. Chuck Sausen asked if we’d be interested in selling the truck to him. Frank initially donated the truck to us and was fine with any decision we made. After some discussion, we decided to take Chuck up on his offer of $2000 for the truck. We will decide later where the money will be earmarked for but the feeling is towards a mower fund.

Toro Mower. There was quite a discussion on this, how it would fit in with what we have, too big for ditches, too small for the runways. In the end it was decided that the airport would pass on purchasing this mower.

EAA Chapter. We decided not to peruse this option at this time. We felt that doing things our own way for so many years and that being under the EAA umbrella with their rules & restrictions wouldn’t work in the end. We’d be giving up beer sales at the Fly-in for one thing. We could of always also had a dedicated EAA Fly-in every year but to do double the planning, double the work, double the headaches…. We decided to either go through AOPA or to set up a non-profit on our own. We need to get the ball rolling on Planning Committee meetings to get things rolling.

November 2018

Shiocton Flyers Club General Membership Meeting, October 17, 2018

Members Present: Pat Van Straten, John Baggot, Frank Sausen, Al Van Straten, Greg Volkman, Carl Eichenauer, Tracy Hooyman, Brian Laedtke.

Al Van Straten called the meeting to order at 1903 (7:03pm).

The minutes from the last meeting were approved as read.

Dave McNichols had to leave early but left the financials which were approved as read.

New Business: The donated Pick-up. The Board voted to sell the truck to Chuck Sausen for $2000.

Toro Mower: The Board decided to pass on this mower.

EAA Chapter: Tabled for now. We would rather go a different route concerning forming a non-profit.

Old Business: 5th Graders: We had a very successful visit with 54 kids this year. The weather may have been a bit dismal but the kids never care. We had enough volunteers to get the kids split-up into small groups, they all got their pictures taken multiple times, they learned a few things and we got them back to school safely. A very good day.

2019 Fly-in Business: Tracy reminded that we are getting to the point we need to look at & book bands for next year. We have the Nitehawk band tentatively scheduled for the Sunday of next year again. Depending on if the Saturday bands both re-book for next year, we could move Nitehawk to Saturday night if need be.

Xmas Party: Mike & Sonja’s again and will try for January 19th.

A motion was made and seconded and the meeting was adjourned at 1915 (7:15pm).

There was no drawing.

As this was the last business meeting of the year that pretty much wraps things up for 2018. Hopefully I’ll get time to work on billing before Thanksgiving weekend. Expect phone calls or emails to verify the information I have or let me know if you have major changes.

*Update* The Winter Party will be held on Saturday, January 19th at Mike & Sonja’s. More info at a later date.

Happy Turkey Day!