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November 2019

Shiocton Flyers Club General Membership Meeting, October 16, 2019.

Members Present: Dennis Carew, Pat Van Straten, Tracy Hooyman, Fred Marcks, Frank Sausen, Al Van Straten, Derek Schulz, John & Baggot, Randy Conradt, Greg Volkman, Rick Drath, Brian Laedtke, guest Alan Lohman.

The meeting was called to order at 1901 (7:01pm) by Derek Schulz.

The Secretary’s report was approved as read.
Dave gave the Treasurer’s report which was approved as read.

Grounds Report: The runways are currently wet and very soft. The end-of-year mowing is rapidly coming to a muddy end.

5th Graders: We had a quick re-cap of the recent 5th grade visit.  As always there were Thank-You notes involved which were handed out.

501(C)(3) meetings: It was suggested that instead of a large group working on this, that we cut the initial group down to 4-5 members then after we get a handle on this, have a meeting of the full Planning Committee for further comments, etc. Derek Schulz, Bill Kortens, Al Van Straten, Andrew Pfluger, Dave McNichols, Brian Laedtke to keep soldiering ahead with this.

Al Van Straten and Randy Conradt recently attended an Outagamie County Zoning meeting and Al reported that the airport was possibly able to have an Airport Administration Zone overlay. Al to look into this. 

There is a connection band on the culvert on the east driveway poking though the blacktop. Use caution when using that driveway. We’ll have to look at this next spring as it may be as simple as digging down and cutting metal away or maybe we’ll have to replace the culvert.

There is a power pole laying in the ditch west of Reed Road. The Power Co. left it laying in the ditch when they replaced power poles in August and a recent phone call to them for removal left them uninterested in retrieving the pole. Greg Volkman to look into this. High water next spring could have this pole floating to parts unknown.

A motion was made and seconded and the meeting was adjourned at 1922 (7:22pm).

Dennis Carew won the pot-o-cash with his lucky draw of the 5 of hearts.

*Year-end updates and attachments to this newsletter*

The 2020 Shiocton Flyers Club Winter Party will be held on Saturday, January 18th at Mike & Sonja’s. We will be feasting on chicken, haddock, baked potatoes, etc. No price yet from Sonja but I wouldn’t think it would be more than last year. More info at billing time.

Billing will be coming the end of the year. Just a reminder to all that some things changed and some didn’t. For more info, refer to the May 2019 newsletter.

The 2020 Club Calendar is being emailed with the notice of this newsletter. This is required to be printed and hung front & center on your refrigerator at all times.

A copy of the map of the Outagamie Land Use Airport Overlay is included with the notice of this newsletter. It will be a 1 mile radius around the airport over the Town of Bovina. The Village has their own program. Al will have more info in 2020.

There is also included a Thank-you note from our 2019 Scholarship winner.