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October 2017

Shiocton Flyers Club General Membership Meeting, September 20, 2017.

Members Present:
Derek Schulz, John Baggot, Al Van Straten, Tracy Hooyman, Dave McNichols, Frank Sausen, Bob Dieck, Pat Van Straten, Gerald, Schulz, Brian Laedtke.

Derek Schulz called the meeting to order at 1902 (7:02pm).

The minutes from the last meeting were approved except for one correction.
As for an asbestos clause added to the hangar leases, instead of -
‘to include at the time of a hangar being sold, that there be an asbestos inspection conducted before any building can change hands.’
Should have been instead ‘that there be an asbestos inspection performed before a building demolition.’

The Treasurer’s report was accepted as read. Dave gave a rundown on the final Fly-in financials. Some at the meeting questioned the whereabouts of the funds the club would be receiving for helping with the Harvest Festival and Dave stated that he didn’t thing that the Harvest Festival folks had any kind of meeting to finalize things on their end. Also, with the bank closing in Shiocton, our Corporate safety-deposit box would be transferred to the bank in Seymour. At the time that the new Wolf River Community Bank in Shiocton is up and running, we will be transferring our accounts and safety-deposit box contents to them.

Old Business:
A couple of months ago Derek asked about the airport switching fuel suppliers and that proposal was tabled until after we got past the Fly-in. Derek asked again about switching from NEW Energy (Quick Fuel).  Derek was asked to write a proposal for switching fuel suppliers.

New Business:
The batteries in the tractor have seen better days as a 90º day sees the tractor plugged in to the battery charger and a shot or two of ether to get it started. We will be buying a set of batteries from Steve Knorr to replace the old set.

We as usual have a couple of folks looking for hangar room for the winter. As of now there is no room at the inn.

5th Graders. We have several different Fridays to choose from and it was felt that the sooner the better so the kids aren’t here on a cold & rainy day. It was decided to get them here on September 29th.

The Cabbage Chuck will be on September 23rd. As always we will be doing the Fly-over & toy soldier drop at 1400 (2pm) sharp!

A motion was made and seconded and the meeting was adjourned at 1958 (7:58pm).

The 7 of Spades was the lucky card of the month and won by Dave McNichols.

The next (and last meeting of 2017!) will be held on Wednesday October 18 at 1900 (7pm).
The weather forecast doesn’t look too bad so we will be meeting in the hangar.