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May 2019

Shiocton Flyers Club General Membership Meeting, April 17, 2019.

Members Present: Bill Kortens, Greg Volkman, Rick Drath, Al Van Straten, Steve Knorr, Pat Van Straten, Randy Conradt, Tracy Hooyman, Frank Sausen, Dennis Carew, Andrew Pfluger, John Baggot, Brian Laedtke.

President Kortens called the meeting to order at 1903 (7:03pm).

The minutes from the Annual Meeting were approved as read.
Dave gave the Treasurer’s report which was then approved.

The current (then and now) conditions of the runways were wet & soggy.

Mower Business: A mower status report was given and at that time the 2 small mowers were largely ready to go and the covers were just coming off of Big Jake to start work on it.
Brian Laedtke reported that there was an 18” Jacobsen mower for sale near Niagara Falls, NY. The mower was owned by Cornell University and when they defunded their Golf Course Management/Golf Turf program, the mower was put into storage and was just taken out and put up for sale. The mower was a 2006 model with 707 hours on the machine and the asking price was $29,500. After a lengthy discussion, a motion was made and seconded that the equipment dealer selling the mower be contacted and be given an opening offer of $25,000, going up from there to the full list price. These folks were contacted the following morning and the mower had been sold a couple days before.

Tractor Business: As the clutch is weak in the tractor, it has been suggested that we look into selling the tractor and borrowing a tractor & bucket when we need to move gravel, snow, etc.  Before we decide to go down this path, Randy will have someone come and look at the tractor to get a ballpark value on it.

Hangar Business: The Hangar Committee recently met to both have a look at the lease and to meet with Derek as he wishes to build a hangar. The committee approved Derek’s request to build a 50’ x 60’ hangar.

The Hangar Committee also discussed what to do if someone didn’t pay any of their dues or fees and would their hangar be considered abandoned after 1 year? 2 years? What about extenuating circumstances, etc? Same thing with a plane tied down outside, when is it considered abandoned? Another topic that cam up was subletting hangars. Topic on hold for now for further review & discussion.

Another item with this is the desire to get into an annual/yearly hangar lease update and have something such as a check box on the annual billing to the extent that ‘I have read & understand etc…’ instead of chasing signatures as we do now.

To the club hangar - we currently have no mechanism in place to nudge along someone that wants to rent a spot in the club hangar for say over the winter, into something more permanent. The hope would be that we would have a hangar or two in the future available to folks that want to stay here but can’t commit to building a hangar because of funds/job uncertainty, etc. It was always our hope that someone would rent a spot here for 6 months or a year, decide they like it here and build & stay. Al Van Straten is going to work on a rental agreement for the club hangar as we now have nothing for renters.

Planning Committee: In a related topic, the Planning Committee was discussing the future of what dues & fees should look like down the road and they suggested to raise the monthly rent in the club hangar from the current $75 to $125/month. And also to make it a one-price-for-all vs. different rates for ultra lights, etc.  The Planning Committee also suggested a rate increase for land rent for hangar owners. The current rate has been $1.25/linear foot for private hangars for many years now. After some discussion, John Baggot made motion to double that to $2.50/foot. While that was on the floor, Greg Volkman made a motion to amend that to $2.00/foot. After more discussion, it was decided to go with the $2.00 rate. As of now, the only 2 prices raising will be the club hangar rent to $125/month and the land rent to $2.00/ft effective with the 2020 billing. Membership dues, base fees, etc. will remain the same price as they are.

501c3 news: Bill Kortens was talking with Andy Miller about how AOPA can help us with this and Bill was of the understanding that AOPA members could pool their legal benefits towards the legal work on this. Denis Carew said he thought not the basic AOPA members but the members that pay for the yearly legal representation through AOPA. Bill to check on this. Once we get rolling on this we’ll be able to use the same Officers & Directors with this but we’ll need to keep separate minutes as this will be an entirely different entity.

Scholarships: Bill said no interest for this year and time is growing short.

Fly-in Business: Raffle prizes are rolling in. Donors must have their obligations in by April 30th to get on the ticket. Dennis Carew said he’d give 3-1 hour Discovery Flights in his C150. We will also once again be drawing $250 from the Jim Kobus fund to get goodies for the kid’s raffles. Happy kids are happy parents.

A motion was made and seconded and the meeting was adjourned at 2025 (8:25pm).

Tracy won the beer money with the lucky draw of the King of Spades.

The May meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 15th at 1900 (7pm) in the club hangar.