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October 2020

Shiocton Flyers Club General Membership Meeting, September 16, 2020.

Members Present:  Fred & Lyndon Marcks, Derek Schulz, Dave McNichols, Pat Van Straten, Al Van Straten, Bill Kortens, Tracy Hooyman, Steve Knorr, Rick Drath, Greg Volkman, John Baggot, Gerald Schulz, Randy Conradt, Dennis Carew, guest Dave Herrmann.

President Kortens called the meeting to order at 1658 (6:58pm).

The minutes from the last meeting were approved as read.

Dave gave the Treasurer’s report. Bills were all paid, the beer permit for the raffle was paid, gas & diesel were paid. With the upcoming holding tank expenditure, Dave was going to move 2 of our CD’s into the checkbook. Dave also reported that as of the meeting, roughly $6100 of ticket money and $250 sponsorship money had come in.

Grounds: Culvert. Waiting on Scott Marcks to send a bill on this. *update* Gary Hartwig received the bill but declined to make full restitution.

Water line. The club and Bill Conradt split the bill on this.

Runways at this time are in excellent shape.

The Drainage Board recently met and determined that yes, the airport really isn’t draining much of anything through the pump, and so approved our wish to have the airport removed from the drainage district. This will save the airport $500/year in drainage fees upon their final approval.

Old Business: The holding tank that was approved by the club last month should be in the ground sometime late September.

Addition on the hangar. This ain’t gonna happen. Between the cost of permits and the cost of footings and frost walls, etc., our budget would be recklessly overspent. What we are now looking at, is a bathroom facility on wheels. They have them at the bigger outdoor conventions, etc. Think several bathrooms built on a trailer with a holding tank underneath. In our case, we’d have a holding tank in-ground so we’re looking at the possibility at buying something like a job trailer and converting. Maybe 4 separate bathrooms and a shower. These usually have a hot water heater for sinks and the shower and air conditioning. So, a motion was made and seconded by Dave McNichols that we see if we can find something within a $4000 budget.

501(C)(3): Rejected! Now to play the game with the IRS to find out why. Also, with town accessors, they make the call as to whether property will become tax exempt or not.

Raffle: Get yer tickets sold! Money and tickets are coming in nicely. Several prizes and gift certificates still need to show up.

Sally Ritchie wants to try to get the BlackSand kids together for an encore airport performance at the raffle.
Should we advertise for this? Newsprint advertising would be several hundred dollars and we felt that word-of-mouth, posters in town and Facebook would rule the day on this one.

New Business: Shiocton Sports is selling advertising space on the 2021 calendar. We’re going to look into a business card size slot for $125.

Dave Herrmann of Fremont stopped in to check us out. He has a Quicksilver ultralight that needs a home for the winter. We voted that if he can get it here, it has a place to live.

Lion’s Club tickets are available! Their drawing is mid-October. Tickets are $100. Remember folks, they throw $$$at us every year for the Fly-in.

A motion was made and seconded and the meeting was adjourned at 1950 (7:50pm).

Fred Marcks won the pot with the lucky 3 of spades. The pot was invested back into the beer fund.

The October meeting will be held in the shop on Wednesday the 21st. Same time as usual.
As a reminder, it’s the last business meeting of the year.