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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                March 2018

Shiocton Flyers Club, General Membership Meeting, February 21, 2018.

Members Present: John Wenning, Al Van Straten, Pat Van Straten, Frank Sausen, Derek Schulz, Greg Volkman, Rick Drath, Steve Knorr, Dave McNichols, Bill Kortens, Brian Laedtke.

President Kortens called the meeting to order at 1901 (7:01pm).

For the first order of business, Julia from Wolf River Community Bank stopped in to meet us and as we were already planning on and somewhat in the process of switching to the Wolf River Community bank, she brought along some paperwork for us to sign and also had the answers to our questions concerning moving our checking and savings accounts and getting a safety deposit box for the club’s land deeds in the new bank. Also, Al and Pat had been the holders of the keys for the safety deposit boxes and it was decided that Dave and Bill Kortens would be the new guardians of the keys. We will be moving our Certificates of Deposits to the new bank as they come due over the course of this next year. Also, as we have some extra bling in the Treasury from the Harvest Festival and incoming 2018 dues, Dave will be adding a couple thousand dollars to the CD’s as we can afford it to bring all the CD’s to $5000 each.

On that note, Dave gave the Treasurer’s report which was approved as read.

*The 2018 reminder on finances - You need to be at a meeting to know what’s in the Treasury as the financials as read aren’t posted in the newsletter.*

Dave also gave a quick rundown on unpaid membership dues. Reminder that your dues must be current to vote. A reminder to those in arrears will be in the mail along with this newsletter. If you already paid, please disregard….

Portlite Business: As the Portlite is but a recent memory, Bill Kortens declared the Portlite Committees to be null & void and obviously no longer needed and so dissolved.

Runway & grounds: Runways in good winter shape but also reminders that it’s the time of the year that the runways are soft and muddy by noon. Also, the mower was used only once in anger this past winter and things are thawed to the point another large snowfall probably won’t see the tractor on the runways.

Its also almost that time of the year when the 3 mowers get torn down and rebuilt. (Mower maintenance was started on March 3rd on the Phoenix mower).

Scholarships: Bill asked if we should continue our scholarship program as is, modify it or drop it. After some discussion it was decided to stay the course of a $500 scholarship (split into 2-$250). Applications for the 2018/2019 school year due May 1st. Contact Bill if you know anyone interested in an aviation career. Dave also reported that our last scholarship recipient is doing great in school (UA Birmingham) with a 3.+ GPA.

Hamburger Fly-in: We tried this last year and it didn’t turn out so well but we’re trying it again. These are events held at various venues to basically get folks from other airports flying in, have a burger or 2 and talk flying. Last year we were a bit late to the game plus the weather conspired against us. This year our area of the State is assigned Tuesday nights and so with this, we’re shooting for the evenings of June 19 and July 17. These are generally from 4 to 7pm.

W34 Fly-in: We are going to have some price ‘adjustments’ for this year. First of all, there’s been some discussion for a couple of years to raise the prices on the plane rides. Looking back , we’ve been doing $10 & $15 rides since at least 2010. After some discussion, we decided to keep the kid’s rides at $10, but raise the adult ticket prices to $20.

Food prices. After noticing at the Harvest Festival that it didn’t matter price-wise if folks bought a hamburger or cheeseburger, etc., they were just as happy paying the extra $.50 for a plain hamburger. Also, we had quite a few folks last year telling us we were cheap and would gladly pay more. So, what we are going to do is simplify the food prices and there also, we haven’t adjusted food prices now for several years. A hamburger and a cheeseburger will both be the cheeseburger price, a double hamburger and double cheeseburger will both be the double cheeseburger price, etc. Basically we’re moving the cheaper alternative into the higher price (by $.50). This will also have the added benefit to us of eliminating the hundreds of quarters we have to deal with.

French fries and onion rings will now both be $2.00 as we already give double of what’s served anywhere else.

Beer, water and soda will remain as is. Breakfast prices will remain the same at $4 and $6.

We will no longer get any breakfast sausages from the Meat Block in Greenville. We will instead be getting all 100# of sausage from Maplewood meats in Pulaski.

Steve was asked about bands and he said the 2 Saturday bands from 2017 had already asked and he thought they would both sign up. We do however, if we want one, need something for the Sunday afternoon entertainment.

The Main Event: The terms of Dave McNichols and Pat Van Straten expire this year. The floor was opened to nominations and Al Van Straten nominated the names of Dave McNichols and Pat Van Straten. After several minutes of no further nominations, Bill Kortens seconded with a motion to close nominations which was then approved.

The Names of Dave McNichols and Pat Van Straten will be placed upon the 2018 SFC Ballots.

The Legal stuff: As so noted in Article III Section 6 of the By-Laws, you must have been a member for one (1) year and your dues must be paid and current to be eligible to vote. If you need a copy of the By-Laws, let me know and I’ll get a copy out to you.

For those receiving their newsletter by mail, a ballot and return envelope will be included with this newsletter. You will receive as many ballots as are names on your mailing label. Please sign the back of the return envelope and mail your ballot(s) so that its received by Tuesday, March 14th. Your envelope and ballot will be separated before counting to preserve your privacy. If you have not been a member for at least one full year, you will not receive a ballot.

For those that receive email notices of the newsletter, your ballot will be sent to you under a separate email. Please return your electronic vote by noon on Tuesday, March 20th. And once again, your name will be deleted from the email header to preserve your privacy.

A motion was made and seconded and the meeting was adjourned at 1955 (7:55pm).

The winning card was the 10 of Hearts won by… It looks like I had the notebook already put away. Beer was calling.

The 2018 Annual Meeting of the Shiocton Flyers Club will be held on
Wednesday, March 21st at 19:00 (7pm) at the River Rail Bar, N5547 State Road 76, Shiocton.