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November 2017

Shiocton Flyers Club General Membership Meeting, October 18, 2017.

Members Present:
Al Van Straten, Steve Knorr, Frank Sausen, John Wenning, John & Joyce Baggot, Tracy Hooyman, Pat Van Straten, Dave McNichols, Derek Schulz, Phil Christenson, Brian Laedtke & guest Dave Haase.

VP Derek Schulz called the meeting to order at 1906 (7:06pm).

The minutes from the last meeting were approved as read.

The Treasurer’s report was approved as read.

Dave reported that the money had come in from the Harvest Festival.
Dave also reported we paid the $85 ‘bussing fee’ for the recent 5th grade visit to the airport.

Old Business:
Hangar lease. There was again some discussion concerning the wording of an asbestos clause in the hangar contracts. After going around the table a time or two, John Wenning made the comment that the country lawyers were making this too hard. He suggested that we merely add “including inspection for asbestos as required by law.” John felt this would appease the DNR or anyone else.

The #19 of the hangar lease which currently reads:

19. Upon non-renewal of this lease, the hangar owner must return the leased property to its original condition within 6 months.
 Would become (including the changes proposed over the past couple of months) :

19. Upon non-renewal of this lease, the hangar owner must return the leased property to its original condition within 6 months. All building construction including removal of buildings shall comply with all local, state and federal regulations including inspection for asbestos as required by law.

New Business: Phil Christenson approached the club about hosting the 2018 Wisconsin Powered Parachute Assn. Fly-in which has been held at Poppy’s airport the past several years.
The Fly-in would be held June 22-23.
Phil stated that there are campers that would be arriving by Wednesday. Preferably, things would be dry enough to put these in the camping area but if not, on the blacktop would be fine.
Phil said they bring all their own cooking equipment and call for their own dumpsters, etc..
They hold a fish fry on the Friday night and a pancake breakfast on the Saturday morning. By Sunday everyone is pretty much gone.
We could expect to see up to 40 powered parachutes.
Phil said they would donate up to $500 for the use of facilities.
We would need to do some housekeeping in the club hangar ahead of time to make room as all the Fly-in stuff would be in the way.
Phil said they were also looking at 3 other airports in the area and their Board would decide in December.
After some discussion we told Phil we would definitely be interested in hosting the WPPA Fly-in.

Our guest, Dave Haase stopped in to see if we had any hangar room available. He recently purchased a Champ in Iola and was looking for someplace closer to Appleton to keep it.

Party Business:
With the closing of Ken’s Riverside, we are currently homeless for the winter months and also without a place for our Winter Party. I spoke with Mike & Sonja’s bar about holding our winter meetings there and we are tentatively booked for the Feb thru April meetings. There was some discussion of where to have our Winter Party and it was decided to talk to Mike & Sonja as a first choice and Romy’s as a second choice.

A motion was made and seconded and the meeting was adjourned at 1954 (7:54pm).

Derek Schulz gave everyone the slip by winning the pot with his lucky draw of the 8 of Diamonds.

This is the last newsletter for 2017. The Billing will be arriving about the same time as Santa. If you made any changes that will affect your bottom line that I may not know about, its best to drop me a line at  so that I can print a copy of the email and put on file.