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November 2020

Shiocton Flyers Club General Membership Meeting, October 21, 2020. 

Members Present: Bill Kortens, Pat Van Straten, Steve Knorr, John Baggot, Dennis Carew, Dave McNichols, Rick Drath, Greg Volkman, Brian Laedtke.

President Kortens called the meeting to order at 1900 (7pm).

The minutes from the last meeting were approved as read.

Dave gave the Treasurer’s report. Bills are largely paid with Wolf River Asphalt getting paid for the 2020 road project and a down payment made on the holding tank/permits/etc. There are still some bills to finalize at this time with the raffle and hopefully the full financial statement of that will be included with this newsletter.

Grounds: At the time of this meeting, the runways had just gotten their final mowing of the year and runway conditions were in good shape.

Speaking of mowing, the club picked up another HR-15 Jacobsen mower, the same as our Big Jake. The thinking is to use it to mow / as a back-up mower / maybe a parts mower. Or maybe the other way around. Regardless, it came with quite a few NLA spare parts for inventory.

Now that the mowers are put away for the year, the decks came off of Big Jake as some of the welds are breaking and seams under the decks are starting to open up. The plan is to tear the decks apart, sandblast them, re-create the blade guards that have bent or that are coming apart and new paint. As long as things are apart, hopefully new bearings in all the spindles and as needed on the tops of the decks. Its been maybe 10 years since the decks had lots of love so its time to give them some.

Old Business: The holding tank is in the ground. A work day will definitely be in the works for next spring.

Still waiting to hear on the final word of the drainage district.

501(C)(3): Seems to have been rejected because when the IRS mailed back paperwork, it went to the airport address and of course we have no mailbox. Dave to check on what it will take to get one back at the airport. Once we get this, then its just a matter of setting it up with a registered agent for mailing, same as our WI corporate paperwork is.

A motion was made and seconded and the meeting was adjourned at 1954 (7:54pm).

Dave McNichols won the pot with the very last card picked. 9 of hearts. The cash went back into the beer fund.

As of this time, there are no plans in place for a Winter Party or any other kind of winter get-together.