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September 2020

Shiocton Flyers Club General Membership Meeting, August 19, 2020.

Members Present: Pat Van Straten, Steve Knorr, Tracy Hooyman, John & Joyce Baggot, Dave McNichols, Randy Conradt, Dennis Carew, Derek Schulz, Brian Laedtke.

Dave McNichols called the meeting to order at 1905 (7:05pm).

The minutes from the last meeting were approved as read.

Dave gave the Treasurer’s report. All current bills have been paid. Raffle ticket money is coming in and 2 of the CD’s will be put into the checkbook for the possible holding tank project.

Grounds: The runways are in excellent shape. The water leak has been fixed by capping off the line from Bill Conradt’s well plus the water hydrant where the Portlite was has been pulled out as there is no longer any water going to it. The hydrant is free for the taking if anyone wants it.

Reed Road & Hangar Row recently got some grading work done. Earl Conradt stopped in with the grader and got the grass edges graded away which were hauled into a pile by Pat & Randy. The roads were then graded smooth and now we’re just waiting for gravel to get hauled in.

Holding tank. Bill Kortens has gotten a holding tank permit and would like to bury one at the NW corner of the club hangar. Then there is the possibility of building an addition onto the north side of the club hangar for restrooms and storage. After some discussion, the only thing that came up was with an addition built onto the runway side of the hangar, would we have to narrow up the E/W runway a bit? A motion was made by Dennis and seconded by Pat to proceed with having a holding tank installed.

501(C)(3): A question came up on this if the airport property would become tax exempt or would we have to continue to pay taxed to the Town of Bovina? Is this something that the tax accessor determines? Something to look at.

Raffle Tickets: As of this meeting, $2400 had been turned in. We need to have $3500 to cover our cash obligations after which is our profit. Also, a reminder on this – The drawing will be held on October 10 so keep that in mind for returning ticket stubs. Any prizes still coming in please drop off at BC Auto Body in Black Creek. We are also going to apply for a beer permit for this. As in everything else this year, we can not know the future, but beer always sells.

Other odd & ends: The sectional charts are showing that we sell fuel. So somewhere along the line the FAA got the notion that we did. Now we will have to keep hounding them to at some point maybe get that info back off the sectional chart. Another weird thing – Dennis Carew got listed on the airport website for flight instruction and within a couple of weeks I received an email asking about Dennis’ info. So, there are web crawlers (Google) that constantly go through websites and perhaps a slip of the tongue or finger got us listed as selling gas on the sectionals.

A motion was made and seconded and the meeting was adjourned at 1941 (7:41pm).

Joyce won the pot with the 10 of and back to the pot it went.

The September meeting will be once again in the airport shop on Wednesday the 16th.
Same time as usual.