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May 2020

Shiocton Flyers Club Board Meeting, April 15, 2020.

Members Present: Bill Kortens, Derek Schulz, Dave McNichols, Al & Pat Van Straten, Steve Knorr, Brian Laedtke.

This was our second teleconference meeting and it wasn’t quite as smooth as our first, as it was probably 45 minutes before we got enough bugs worked out of everyone’s systems to actually have a meeting. With that, the minutes from the last meeting were approved as read.

Dave gave an overview on the finances and that was approved as read.

Grounds/runways: The runways seem to certainly be drying up as of this meeting.

Al reported that the band holding the 2 culverts together on the east driveway has failed and the blacktop & gravel over the top of the culvert has been sifting through the hole like sand in an hourglass. Al put some sheet metal over the culvert to stop the flow and patched it up with some cold patch and bought us a couple of years. Al is going to contact the DMV about renewing our permits to replace the culverts along Hwy. 54.

Mowers: As of this meeting the John Deere is ready to roll with many new steering parts and a patched up deck. The Phoenix mower will be the next one to spend some time hanging around from the gantry crane whilst its under parts are poked and prodded.

501(c)(3): We are making some progress. After some telephone tag between Bill Kortens & Bob Sweeney, we’ve gotten to where we have made some changes to the Articles of Incorporation concerning dissolutionment and an educational factor. Same with the By-Laws. We are in the process of tweaking and updating and hopefully when its all done the IRS will give their blessing.

Fly-in/raffle: What to do, what to do…. First of all, we’ve been putting off the Fly-in issue as long as possible to see what would shake out of this state of affairs. Its looking more and more like the decision is out of our hands on this one but we will discuss one more time and make the decision.

The raffle as of now, we’re looking at perhaps maybe having something in the September/October timeframe. Perhaps half the number of donated prizes, do away with the bigger cash prizes and sell at half the price that we’ve been selling tickets at. The issue again is will bars, etc. be open? Will we have to sell all face to face with all the issues that may entail. If there are any suggestions please let us know.

There will be NO May membership meeting.